Our vision

The vision for Builth Wells High School is one in which all pupils are empowered and achieve success. We will exemplify excellence and high expectations in all aspects of our learning community. We will ensure that the diverse needs, achievements and strengths of every individual are recognised, nurtured and celebrated.

Central to the vision of Builth Wells High School is the shared belief that all young people have the right to an educational experience that will enable them, no matter what their starting point, to fulfil their potential and realise their ambitions.

Our values



Builth Wells High School is committed to creating a positive and purposeful learning environment characterised by mutual respect and trust based on the understanding that all individuals are unique and can make valuable contributions to the community.



Pupils at Builth Wells High School have frequent opportunities to reflect on and to discuss their rights and responsibilities and to demonstrate concern for and acceptance of others. Respect for diversity and understanding of differences and values are given a high value in the life of the school. Children and young people are given encouragement to share their views and act as positive role models for others.



Pupils at Builth Wells High School are proud of their learning, their progress, attainment and achievements. Their work is displayed in classrooms, in public areas and, where possible, in the wider community. Achievements both within and out of school are recognised, valued and celebrated. Pupils are empowered to achieve and celebrate their personal best within a culture of high expectations.


Curiosity and creativity

At Builth Wells High School pupils experience an extensive range of learning and teaching approaches. Contexts for learning are challenging, enjoyable and enterprising and include creative and investigative activities. Young people engage confidently in such activities, and are prepared to risk making mistakes because they understand that they can learn from them. Through these activities they develop skills for learning, skills for life and skills for work.


Compassion and Empathy

All staff, pupils and parents have high expectations of standards of behaviour. These standards are clear, unambiguous and shared by all. Children and young people demonstrate self-discipline in their interactions with staff and with each other and are protective and respectful of one another. They show understanding and empathy towards each other. Positive behaviour approaches are applied consistently. Appropriate behaviour is reinforced and praised and inappropriate behaviour is always challenged and discussed. Adults working in, or associated with the school uphold its standards and expectations. Pupils and their families receive support through the provision of effective behaviour support programmes. Staff understand factors which affect the motivation of children and young people, and take action to improve and encourage an enthusiasm for learning and positive behaviour.



Staff at Builth Wells High School have the highest expectations of pupils, encouraging them to build a sense of determination and optimism when faced with challenges in learning and life. Pupils have high aspirations and concrete goals for themselves. They know where they are in their learning and what to do to improve. The school is outward looking and staff are constantly seeking examples of the very best practice to help it to improve further. The school is aiming for excellence in all its practice.

Our culture

Builth Wells High School is a bilingual school whose motto is Two languages: one voice. We strive to ensure equality and parity of opportunity and a genuine choice for families who want their children to receive a comprehensive bilingual and Welsh-medium secondary education. Bilingual education helps children enhance their skills, establish a sense of identity and prepares them well for their futures.

Our purpose

In line with our school motto, Carpe Diem, we aim to ensure that all pupils seize the day. The meaning of Carpe Diem is not to ignore the future and to trust that everything is going to fall into place, but to take action for the future today. In a technologically advanced and increasingly complex global community, Builth Wells High School will provide all pupils with the skills, knowledge and wisdom to be successful pupils, confident individuals and informed citizens. The provision of an innovative, inclusive and inspiring curriculum will enable Builth Wells High School to inclusively support the great diversity of individual needs.  

Our learning community

We are a learning community that embodies a genuine sense of tolerance and the celebration of diversity. Builth Wells High School promotes collaboration, acceptance, respect and individuality. We are fundamentally linked to the local, wider and global community and actively prepare our pupils to contribute to each as informed, empowered and empathetic citizens. Staff use the local community to extend and enhance learning. They are fully aware of the involvement of pupils in learning outside the classroom and school and use this in very well planned tasks and activities to raise attainment and achievement further. 

Our pupils

Our pupils are the core of Builth Wells High School. They willingly assume positions of responsibility and become involved as active and responsible members of the community. They are given support and training in developing the necessary skills. They take part in activities such as pupil councils and eco committees, action against bullying, and peer support and mentoring schemes. They take active roles in charitable work, building strong local partnerships and developing and sustaining international links. Staff ensure that opportunities for these types of experiences are available for all pupils.  

Our staff

Our staff are committed to the provision and continual development of an outstanding teaching and learning culture at Builth Wells High School. Our staff value the importance of nurturing and respectful relationships with pupils, within teaching teams and throughout the learning community. They are highly professional in all aspects of their role; are passionate about providing pupils with a meaningful and inspiring education; and willingly embrace a culture of high expectations, achievement and lifelong learning.

Our parents

Research shows that good links between you and your child’s school improve their enjoyment and chances of doing well. The more you know about what your child is learning, the more you can offer support. Working in partnership with parents is key to our success and we aim to continue improving our methods of communication in order to support all of our pupils on their educational pathways. Staff take active steps to encourage parents to engage with the school and, in particular, to reach out to those who may need help to overcome barriers of various kinds. They discuss a range of issues with parents, for example, arrangements for learning, individual aspirations and expectations, learning targets and approaches to learning. Staff maintain particularly close contact during settling–in and vulnerable periods. 

Our school environment

A respectful, calm and welcoming atmosphere pervades the school campus with a dedicated team of staff encouraging the very best of standards from all pupils at all times. Many visitors comment on the special atmosphere that they feel as soon as they enter the school.

Builth Wells High School – aiming for excellence

Achieving excellence starts with getting eight fundamentals right:

  1. Having vision, values and high expectations – our school will do its utmost to help every young person to fulfil their potential.
  2. Inclusion: pupils as individuals – we will have high regard for the needs, interests and concerns of each individual student.
  3. Assuring the quality of teaching and learning – rigorous monitoring and evaluation are crucial to assuring the quality of learning and teaching.
  4. Assessment, progress-tracking and target-setting - we will be rigorous in the use of target-setting, assessment and tracking to raise achievement.
  5. Providing a relevant and attractive curriculum - We will develop the curriculum in ways that engage our pupils and support our drive for improvement.
  6. Attracting, retaining and developing staff – professional development is key to school improvement and we will develop a community that focuses on the core issues: learning and teaching and achievement and attainment.
  7.  Establishing disciplined learning and consistent behaviour – we will place a very strong emphasis on the school as a workplace. Its business is learning and everyone is here to learn and to help others to learn.
  8. Leading and building leadership capacity - the quality of leadership is second only to the quality of teaching in terms of the school’s impact on pupils’ achievements.