Pastoral Support


Students come to Builth Wells High School from a wide range of social backgrounds as well as from a large geographical area. We are therefore anxious to ensure that they settle in quickly to feel “at home” in the school.

Each school year is organised into mixed ability form groups with a Form Tutor. Students are taught in this form group for most of their lessons in Key Stage 3. Some subjects set classes based on ability.

Within each Key Stage, a Progress and Well-Being Manager oversees the work of each year group. These key members of staff will track and monitor your child’s educational progress and be available to support their social needs.

This work depends upon the closest co-operation with parents and carers, who are encouraged to inform the relevant Progress and Well-Being Manager of any difficulties their children may be experiencing.


Progress and Well-Being Managers

Year 7 and Transition
Mr Gwilym Ayre

Years 8 and 9
Miss Nia Macmillan

Years 10 and 11
Miss Rhiannon Rhys-Jones

Sixth Form
Mrs Laura Lewis

Key Stage 3 Form Tutors  

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Form Tutors
Mr Steffan Evans
Mrs Sally Morris
Mrs Emily Phillips

Form Tutors
Mr Stafford Rees
Mr Steve Mason
Mrs Amy Jones
Miss Leah Shaw
Mrs Maria Williams

Form Tutors
Miss Sarah Cuthbertson
Mr Dave Barlow
Mr Dan Price
Mr Mike Williams

Key Stage 4 Form Tutors

Year 10

Year 11

Form Tutors
Miss Annie Jones
Mrs Claire Price
Mrs Mary Stonefield
Mrs Rhian Dillon and Mrs Kelly Davies (Fridays)

Form Tutors

Mr Andrew Stanway
MrRobyn Lewis
Mrs Jenny Edwards
Mrs Melinda Kennedy

Sixth Form Tutors

Year 12/13

Form Tutors
Mrs Helen Flaherty
Mr Terry Breen-Smith
Mrs Meinir Jones
Miss Amy Griffiths


If any pupil has difficulty with any aspect of life at school, we take action quickly to discover the reason and try to remedy the problem. All staff are keen to ensure the curriculum is engaging, stimulating and challenging with agreed targets achievable for students in a supportive and caring atmosphere.

Pupils are provided with advice and guidance on how to improve in all their subjects. Some pupils require further learning support for a range of individual needs, literacy, and numeracy skills as appropriate and their curriculum may be personalised accordingly.

Additional Learning Needs

The Learning Support Team offers support to all students and actively seeks to promote their academic progress and emotional welfare. As a school, we identify pupils’ needs by working with a wide range of external agencies as well as seeking information from teaching staff, teaching assistants and parents.

Once a need has been identified, the pupil is placed on the Additional Learning Needs register which is a way of recording the individual need and support a pupil requires.

When a subject teacher or parent feels that a pupil may need additional support they can communicate this to the ALNCo (Nia Ballard) or the Specialist Teacher for ALN (Donna Palfreman) who will then start to collect further information and/or arrange to carry out an assessment.


Extra-curricular activities

We always aim to develop a student’s talents in order to achieve excellence, for example, music is encouraged and enhanced by external peripatetic instrumental teachers who come to the school (for details please contact Miss Rhys-Jones or Mrs Ennis).



Our extensive educational visits and extra-curricular programme supplements and supports pupils’ studies and encourages them to fulfil their potential and talents.

Personal and Social Education (PSE)

All pupils at Builth Wells High School receive one sixty-minute period per fortnight of PSE. These lessons are an essential part of the overall Pastoral System of the school and they deal with important aspects of life, which are not always dealt with as part of the academic curriculum. 

We hope to help our students to become mature adults, able to deal confidently with the many difficult choices, which face them in an increasingly complex world.

PSE acknowledges and addresses the changes that pupils are experiencing, beginning with transition to secondary school and the challenges of adolescence. Pupils are equipped with the skills which will enable them to acquire greater self-assurance. They are encouraged to manage diverse relationships in society and cope with the increasing influence of peer pressure and the media. This allows them to be more confident in addressing the challenges of active citizenship and effective learning.


Apause (Added Power and Understanding in Sex Education) is a comprehensive SRE (sex and relationships education) programme for secondary schools. In year 9, pupils focus on accessing health information, understanding puberty, and the complexity of love, sex, responsibility and family values.

The programme is delivered by trained staff and health professionals.

Note:  Withdrawal from PSE Sex Education Classes

Parents/Carers have the right to withdraw their children from the PSE Sex Education classes if they so wish.


We will not accept any form of bullying at Builth Wells High School.

When bullying occurs, a major strength of the school is how we deal with bullying. We take immediate action by interviewing pupils, speaking to parents/carers in a restorative way.

Bullying can manifest itself in many ways and we are committed to the principle that all pupils have the right to experience learning in an environment that is supportive, friendly and free from harm. Pupils are encouraged to tell a member of staff immediately when they feel that their learning or cultural life is being compromised.

We believe that there is comparatively little bullying in Builth Wells High School, but we are always on guard against complacency. Any parents concerned that their child is the victim of bullying should contact the school without delay.