Staff Member                             Role

  • Dr P Perkins                    |     Curriculum and Progress Manager
  • Mr D Barlow                    |     Teacher of Science
  • Mr T Breen-Smith      |     Teacher of Science
  • Mr R Thomas                 |     Teacher of Science
  • Mr M Williams                |     Teacher of Science
  • Miss S Dyke                    |     Teacher of Science
  • Mrs K Davies                  |     Teacher of Science

KS4 Course Outline


Year 10


Year 11


KS4 Information

Assessment – How is work assessed?


Homework – Frequency and type of work

Homework is given once a fortnight or once a month as appropriate. Homework may include: research work using the internet or books, answering questions, revising for a test, a piece of extended writing or completing classwork tasks such as writing up investigation reports.

How can you support your child?

Encourage them to set aside time regularly to complete homework tasks and revise course content using the internet, notes, WJEC GCSE ebooks and revision guides (available to purchase in school). Encourage them to attend lunchtime or after school sessions. Encouraging them to do be inquisitive about the world around them- watch Science programmes on TV, listen to Science programmes on the radio, read scientific books and articles in the press and internet, study wildlife and plants… Use Sunflower Science on Moodle. Practice past exam questions available on Moodle, the WJEC website, PScience in school and sent to pupils by email. Encourage your child to catch up work missed through absence.

Equipment Required

Basic equipment such as: pencils, coloured pencils, eraser, pens, ruler

Helpful information and course specifications:

WJEC GCSE Science and Additional ebooks (usernames, password and centre number provided to pupils in school and available from Science Staff)

KS4 Subjects