Key Stage 4 Religious Studies



Staff Member                                 Role

  • Miss Amy Griffiths         |     Curriculum and Progress Manager
  • Mrs                   |     Teacher of


KS4 Course Outline


Year 10

  • Topic 1 – Relationships – Issues of love, marriage and divorce (25%)
  • Topic 2 – Is it Fair?  – Issues of justice and equality (25%)
  • Topic 3 – Looking for Meaning – Issues about God, life and death (25%)
  • Topic 4 – Our World – Exploring creation and our place in the world (25%)

Year 11

  • C


Final Examination – Written Paper: 1 hour 45 minutes (to be taken at the end of Year 11)


KS4 Information

Assessment – How is work assessed?

  • Homework and classwork is assessed on a fortnightly or half-term basis as appropriate.
  • GCSE tests and exams are marked using grades A* – G.

Homework – Frequency and type of work

  • Homework is given once a fortnight or as appropriate.
  • Homework may include: research work using the internet or books, ICT work or completing classwork. It will also include revision for tests and examinations and completion of past examination papers.

How can you support your child?

  • Supporting them with homework activities when appropriate
  • Encouraging them to watch any programmes that relate to religious studies or to read any newspaper or magazine articles related to the issues they are studying.
  • By purchasing the revision guide recommended by the WJEC.

Equipment Required

  • Basic equipment for lessons and homework, e.g. pencil, eraser, ruler, coloured pencils

Suggested Reading List

  • GCSE Revision Guide (English Medium) – Religion & Life Issues – Revision Guide, Publisher: HODDER, Author: Gavin Craigen and Joy White, ISBN: 9780340975633
  • GCSE Revision Guide (Welsh Medium) – Crefydd a Materion Bywyd – Canllaw Adolygu, Publisher: HODDER, Author: Gavin Craigen and Joy White, ISBN:978-1-4441-8304-7

Link for WJEC Website – helpful information and course specifications 




KS4 Subjects