Key Stage 4 Art and Design

The Art and Design curriculum area is a creative and varied area where pupils of all abilities can participate and achieve. Opportunities within this subject include: drawing and painting, 3D work, textiles, graphics, photography and ICT work.


Staff Member                               Role

  • Mrs Sally Morris             |     Curriculum and Progress Manager
  • Mrs Emily Phillips          |     Teacher of French and Mathematics


KS4 Course Outline

4 lessons per fortnight

Year 10

Personal and Social Life
Self, family, friends, home life, shopping, meals, healthy living, illness and accident, free time, fashion, relationships, future plans.

Local Community
Hometown, school, education, local environment, pollution, recycling, local facilities, comparisons with other towns and regions, weather and seasons

Year 11

The World of Work
Work experience, part-time jobs, future careers, technology (sending messages, accessing information).

The Wider World
Travel and holidays, media, social issues (e.g. life of young people today, homelessness, crime, drugs, healthy living, religion, politics), life in the countries and communities where the language is spoken.


KS4 Information

Assessment – How is work assessed?

There is an exam at the end of Year 11 at either Foundation or Higher tier. Listening and Responding – 20% and Reading and Responding – 20%.

Consequently only 40% of the GCSE is acquired by examination.

The skills of speaking and writing make up the remaining 60% of the GCSE and are acquired during Years 10 and 11.

Speaking assessments (30%) are administered and marked by the teacher.

Writing assessments (30%) are administered by the teacher and marked externally.

Homework – Frequency and type of work

Pupils are expected to spend 1 hour per week on homework. This can include vocabulary learning, a reading comprehension, a written piece or coursework preparation. If no specific task is set pupils are expected to spend time revising new language learnt during the week. They are all provided with the log in details for Linguascope and are encouraged to use the intermediate (linguastars) section of this website as often as possible.

How can you support your child?

  • Encourage them to organise their time efficiently to complete all homework and coursework preparation
  • Encourage them to use the intermediate level of the Linguascope website
  • Encourage them to read and listen to the foreign language as much as possible
  • Encourage them to watch French films and to listen to French music

Link for WJEC Website – helpful information and course specifications 

KS4 Subjects