Key Stage 4 Design Technology - Resistant Materials


The Design Technology – Resistant Materials GCSE is 60% controlled assessment and 40% externally set task (exam). Pupils will work on controlled assessment sheets and on their final product / outcomes. They will study Design and Technology theory, including set tests and exams


Staff Member                                  Role

  • Mr Robyn Davies             |     Curriculum and Progress Manager
  • Mr Daniel Price                 |     Teacher of Design Technology
  • Mr George Jenkins        |     Technical Support


KS4 Course Outline


Year 10

  • Introduction to course
  • Mini Design /Make/Evaluate projects
  • Mock controlled assessment
  • Design theory
  • Study designers
  • Develop own ideas
  • Start pieces out of sketchbook
  • Annotation of work

Year 11

  • Controlled assessment Task
  • Develop ideas for final outcomes
  • Create / manufacture final outcomes
  • Evaluation of final outcome
  • Start preparatory work for exam
  • Complete preparatory work for exam
  • Undertake final exam

KS4 Information

Assessment – How is work assessed?

  • Work is assessed informally on a regular basis and pupils are given guidance
  • Work is assessed formally on a half termly basis through interim assessment sheets
  • In Year 11 coursework is marked using the GCSE mark sheets and guidance documents
  • Final coursework and is internally assessed by teachers and externally assessed by a visiting moderator from the exam board

Homework – Frequency and type of work

  • Pupils are encouraged to work on their coursework on a regular basis and are set targets
  • Pupils are offered lunchtime or after school sessions for further support
  • Pupils are sometimes given particular tasks such as research or completing work

How can you support your child?

  • Encourage them to set aside time regularly to work on their coursework & theory
  • Encourage them to attend lunchtime or after school sessions where possible
  • Encourage them to take photos, produce sketches and make items at home with parents/guardians

Equipment Required

  • A3 Folio, carry case & sketchbook. Available to buy from school if you wish
  • Basic equipment such as: pencils, coloured pencils, ruler, eraser, scissors, glue, pens


Link for WJEC Website – helpful information and course specifications 

KS4 Subjects