Key Stage 3 Music

The Music Department


Staff Member                                 Role

  • Mrs Elin Ennis                    |     Curriculum and Progress Manager
  • Mr Aeron Preston           |     Teacher of Music


KS3 Course Outline

6 hours per fortnight

Year 7

Autumn Term

Boosey’s Blues


Spring Term

Welsh Folk Music

Chinese Music

Summer Term



Year 8

Autumn Term 

Pachelbel’s Canon

12 Bar Blues

Spring Term

Welsh Folk Music

Arabic Music

Summer Term

Zion – African Music

Pictures at an Exhibition

Year 9

Autumn Term

Stand By Me

Graphic Score

Spring Term

Appraising skills – Year 9 exam preparation

Welsh Rugby Songs

Summer Term

Performance skills


KS3 Information

Assessment – How is work assessed?

  • Classwork is assessed during/at the end of each unit (half term)
  • Homework is assessed every 2/3 weeks as appropriate (please see detailed homework table)
  • Classwork is marked through detailed comments with each pupil having an individual target. Some aspects of the work will be marked using level descriptors
  • Pupils self-assess and peer-asses their own work using the assessment criteria.
  • Homework is marked using grades A – E
  • Pupils are also given a current level and a target level for the end of KS3

Homework – Frequency and type of work

  • Homework is given every 2/3 weeks as appropriate
  • Homework may include: learning subject specific vocabulary, research work using the internet or books, ICT work or listening tasks
  • Pupils can choose additional tasks if they wish eg extended listening

How can you support your child?

  • Take them to see live performances
  • Encouraging them to do anything creative
  • Encourage them to attend Extra Curricular Activities such as Choir, orchestra and activities outside of school – SPYM
  • Supporting them with homework activities when appropriate

Equipment Required

Pen, pencil, ruler


KS3 Subjects