Key Stage 3 French

The Modern Foreign Languages curriculum area aims for a high quality of Teaching and Learning. We encourage pupils to increase their language understanding and awareness and strive to develop positive attitudes to the importance of learning foreign languages, whilst promoting an understanding of other cultures and ways of life.

We make a valuable contribution to the requisite skills and attitudes for further study, work and leisure and aim to enable each pupil to reach his or her maximum potential in language learning.


Staff Member                               Role

  • Mrs Sally Morris             |     Curriculum and Progress Manager
  • Mrs Emily Phillips          |     Teacher of French and Mathematics


KS3 Course Outline

4 hours per fortnight

Year 7 and 8 pupils have French in their form groups, pupils are set in Year 9. 

Year 7

Autumn Term

Self, family, pets


Spring Term

School, time, clothes


Summer Term

Free time, sports, hobbies

Year 8

Autumn Term 

Weather, house and home


Spring Term

Town, activities in the past


Summer Term

Daily routine, TV, films

Year 9

Autumn Term

Body, illnesses, food and drink


Spring Term

Holidays, world of work


Summer Term

Health and fitness, environment


KS3 Information

Assessment – How is work assessed?

  • Homework and class work is assessed on a fortnightly or monthly basis as appropriate
  • Homework and class work is marked using levels and comments
  • Pupils are given a current level and a target level for the end of KS3

Homework – Frequency and type of work

Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 are expected to spend 20 -30 minutes per week on either a short piece of writing or vocabulary learning. If no specific task is set pupils are expected to spend time revising new language learnt during the week. They are all provided with the log in details for Linguascope and are encouraged to use the beginner section of this website as often as possible.

How can you support your child?

  • Support them with homework activities when appropriate and if possible
  • Encourage them to use the beginners level of the Linguascope website

Equipment Required

Pen, pencil, ruler


KS3 Subjects