Key Stage 3 Resistant Materials



Staff Member                                 Role

  • Mr Robyn Davies             |     Curriculum and Progress Manager
  • Mr Daniel Price                 |     Teacher of Design Technology
  • Mrs Lorraine Davies      |     Teacher of Welsh and Design Technology
  • Mr George Jenkins        |     Technical Support


KS3 Course Outline

1 hour per fortnight

Year 7

Autumn Term

Wood - Jigsaw

Spring Term

Plastic - Phone Holder

Summer Term

ICT - Publishing software

Year 8

Autumn Term 

Mechanisms - Toy

Spring Term

Electronic Systems -Hand Steady Game

Summer Term

ICT - Spread-sheets

Year 9

Autumn Term

CAD/CAM - Clock

Spring Term

Metals -Tea Light Holder

Summer Term

ICT - Database


KS3 Information

Assessment – How is work assessed?

  • Homework and classwork is assessed on a fortnightly or monthly basis as appropriate
  • Homework and classwork is marked using marks and equivalent grades A-E
  • Pupils are also given a current level and a target level for the end of KS3

Homework – Frequency and type of work

  • Homework is given once a fortnight or once a month as appropriate
  • Homework may include: Research work using the internet or books, Individual design tasks, Analysis of current designs and designers.

Equipment Required

  • Basic equipment for lessons and homework, e.g. pencil, eraser, scissors, coloured pencils


KS3 Subjects