Key Stage 3 Art and Design

The Art and Design curriculum area is a creative and varied area where pupils of all abilities can participate and achieve. Opportunities within this subject include: drawing and painting, 3D work, textiles, graphics, photography and ICT work.


Staff Member                                 Role

  • Mrs Helen Flaherty         |     Curriculum and Progress Manager
  • Mrs Katy Yeandle             |     Teacher of Art


KS3 Course Outline


Year 7

Autumn Term

Georgia O'Keeffee
Looking at colour and shape. Working from observation, using a range of drawing and painting media.


Spring Term

Looking at tonal work using drawing media and collage. Working from observation.

Mark Making
Looking at the work of Van Gogh and creating textural pieces and looking at the use of mark making. Group pieces.

Summer Term

Critical Studies Mark Making
Looking at the work of Welsh artists and producing own practical responses.

Year 8

Autumn Term

Aboriginal Art 
Working with pattern and colour. Own Aboriginal style pieces, group work. Creating own boomerangs, painted pieces.


Spring Term

Concentrating on shape and line. Looking at graffiti style work and creating own paintings and pieces inspired by. 


Summer Term

Critical Studies Graffiti
Looking at the work of Welsh artists and producing own practical responses. Comparing two artists. Group presentations.

Animation project
Creating stop motion animations using ipads.

Year 9

Autumn Term

Pop Art

Concentrating on colour, pattern and line. Looking at Pop Art and creating own pieces inspired by. Drawing, painting, digital photography and editing.

Spring Term

Giacometti – wire sculpture
Looking at Giacometti and comparing the work of other artists. People based project, using photos and research to design and make wire sculptures in 3D.


Summer Term

Critical Studies Short Projects
First hand research, drawing, painting, photography. Looking at the work of other artists and using this to inspire your own work. A start on the GCSE coursework for those who plan to take Art GCSE


KS3 Information

Assessment – How is work assessed?

  • Homework and classwork is assessed on a fortnightly or monthly basis as appropriate
  • Homework and classwork is marked using grades A – E
  • Pupils are also given a current level and a target level for the end of KS3

Homework – Frequency and type of work

  • Homework is given once a fortnight or once a month as appropriate
  • Homework may include: drawing or creative tasks in the sketchbook, research work using the internet or books, ICT work or completing classwork pieces
  • Pupils are given an extension work sheet and can choose additional tasks if they wish

How can you support your child?

  • Encouraging them to do anything creative – drawing, painting, 3D work, photography
  • Supporting them with homework activities when appropriate

Equipment Required

  • A sketchbook (or folder) for the work. Available from school for £1 if required
  • Basic equipment for lessons and homework, e.g. pencil, eraser, scissors, coloured pencils


KS3 Subjects