LA Governors

Cllr Timothy Van-Rees
Mr Andrew Powell
Dr Bernard Jones
Mrs Lyn Brown - Chair
Cllr Jeremy Pugh

Parent Representatives

Mr Christian Thomas
Mrs Carrie Crompton
Mr Robert Bruce
Mrs Angela Davies

Staff Representative

Miss Angharad Howe

Associate Pupil Reps

Bethany Smith
Cameren Price

Community Members

Mr David Malcomson - Vice Chair
Mrs Celia Jefferies
Mr Chris Probert
Ms Penny Everett

Teacher Representatives

Mr Steve Mason
Mrs Mary Stonefield



Mrs Catrin Taylor

Clerk to the Governors

Mrs Bethan Powell

What is a School Governor?

Becoming a School Governor is one of the most important ways in which you can help your local School.

The Governing Body has a strategic role working with the Headteacher to set the aims and objectives of the School, agreeing policies, targets and priorities to achieve the objectives and monitoring and evaluating the aims and objectives in order to promote high standards of achievement. The Headteacher has day to day management of the School.

As a School Governor, you will be part of a team. Individual Governors do not act alone. It is only the full Governing Body that has legal duties and powers and all Governors share that corporate responsibility.

How to contact the Governing Body

We are very willing and happy to be approached or contacted by parents to discuss relevant issues, particularly in relation to the strategic direction of the school. Please contact us through the Clerk to the Governors using the following email:

If you have a specific concern about the school or your child, we encourage you to discuss this with the relevant class teacher or Pastoral and Well-being Manager initially. If the matter is not resolved, then you should contact the Headteacher. If after this discussion your concerns remain, then it would be appropriate to contact the Chair of the Governors (via the Clerk’s email – see above).

Annual Report to Parents

Click here for the Annual Report for 2016-17

Click here for the Annual Report for 2015-16

Click here for the Annual Report for 2014-15


Position Statement regarding the Schools Modernisation Programme

Click here for the Governing Body's statement November 2016